Please join us as we celebrate the opening of UC Irvine's Artists in Residence exhibition 

 The representative image of the 2014 Artists in Residence exhibition is a concrete poem, a poem in which a word does what it means, in a sense performing, or visually representing, its own meaning. Performance is a key aspect of both Selwa Sweidan and Óscar Castrellón’s work for the exhibition, the culmination of a year-long research and studio practice program. The artwork performs and then the viewers play their part.

Óscar Castrellón

Óscar Castrellón is a Los Angeles based artist and educator, working primarily in sculpture and video.

Selwa Sweidan

Selwa Sweidan is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Selwa holds a BA from Smith College.  Recently, Selwa was accepted to the MFA "Media Design Practices" program at
Art Center College of Design, where she will begin in September 2014.

Laura Maurer


Laura Maurer holds degrees in Literature and Religion.   Experienced in both marketing communications and market research, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in Religious Studies, taking an interdisciplinary approach that will include Art History, Literature and Archaeology.


cae sura

cae sur a

A Transcendent Pause

A caesura is a poet's technique that drives a poem's rhythm away from its meter. Meter being an expectation for the poem, a caesura is a pause in a line of verse dictated by a sense of speech rather than metrics. Derived from the Latin word for the act of cutting, a caesura creates a break, a stop in the flow of sound. In this exhibition, Sweidan and Castrellon have created pieces that cut; from the digital "cutting" of film images to manipulate and reorder them in Sweidan's work, to Castrellon’s representational cutting of the concrete that holds in the Los Angeles River to the figurative cutting of time both artists have achieved in creating a space in which to pause. To think. To reflect and break out from our usual flow.

 © Óscar Castrellón, 2014

 © Óscar Castrellón, 2014

 © Óscar Castrellón, 2014

 © Selwa Sweidan, 2014

© Selwa Sweidan, 2014

 © Selwa Sweidan, 2014

The following artists are collaborating with Selwa Sweidan


Mesa parking structure is the closest parking to the University Arts Gallery (UAG).  
After parking within the Mesa parking structure, go to the 2nd floor and take the footbridge across to the Arts Campus. After you cross the foot bridge follow the signs which lead you to the UAG.  
Please note, it is a 5 minute walk. Please use this address for your GPS:
Mesa Parking Structure, University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA 92617

We look forward to seeing you
Saturday, July 12th (4-8pm) for the opening.

Thank you!

Our Supporters and Contributors

We would like to give a special thank you to:
Dean Joseph Lewis III, Prof. Juli Carson, Deb Sunday, Robert Plogman, 
Emilee Matthews,  Jaime DeJong, John Medina and Anna Mueller,
thank you for your generous advice, resources and support.

Oscar would also like to thank:
Prof. Bruce Yonemoto for the learning experience and
Yanira Cartagena for making sure I stayed focused this past year.

Selwa would also like to thank:
Prof. Lisa Naugle, Prof. Ruth Weisberg (USC),  
Prof. James Nisbet, Bryan Jackson, Shelby Roberts, Rudy Vega, Matt Ulrich,
Evelyn Sanchez, Melanie Anderson, Daniela Jamila Sider, Nandini Kannan, Yu Long, 
Hassan Estakhrian, Laura Darlington, JoAnn Hockersmith,
Anthony Mendez, Xinxin Li, Stephanie Chu, Thar Soe, Yixin (Martin) Yang.

Laura would also like to thank:
Thank you to my beautiful family for their encouragement and support throughout this exciting journey. Doug and Luke, you are rock stars.
And thank you to the following UCI professors for allowing me to sit in on their classes and special events, and taking the time to share their knowledge and insight with me:
Prof. Andromache Karanika, Prof. Amy Powell, Prof. James Herbert,
Prof. Jack Miles and Prof. Cynthia Claxton.


For those who are unable to make the opening, we hope you have a chance
to visit the show between July 12-26, 2014  during gallery hours (Tue - Sat, 12-6pm).

We have also been accepting appointments to view the work.  Please contact us to request a viewing. 
Please email us with times/dates you would like to visit, your name, and a number we can reach you at to:

selwa  [at]
diglaura [at]
oscar.castrellon [at]

(note: please replace the [at] with an @)

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